Joshua & Bella discuss carpooling vs taxi/ride-hailing

Carpooling/Ridesharing vs Taxi/Ride-hailing?
Same same or different..?

There are so many services available nowadays that it is easy to get confused.

A conversation between 2 colleagues, Joshua and Bella should help us to understand the difference.

Bella: I need to go to see my friend in the city who is visiting from New York. I think I will be late for my catch up if I go by train. I would need to change 2 lines to get there.

Joshua: Why don’t you take a taxi or Uber or something like that?

Bella: I know, but it would cost me so much. It’s peak hour and these services charge by distance and time. Sometimes due to demand, these services charge surge pricing as well, so I am not too sure how much it may cost me.

Joshua: I don’t know why it is so expensive to use taxis or new ride-hailing services.

Bella: Well, because drivers need to cover the cost of maintaining their vehicle, paying for fuel, and they need to earn money as well.

Joshua: Why don’t you try using one of those carpooling apps or services? They are cheaper to use.

Bella: How come they are cheaper?

Joshua: Because when someone offers you to carpool, they are merely trying to share the cost of their trip. These drivers are heading in a similar direction and would be happy just to share the cost.

Bella: So you are saying I basically share the cost of travel and not pay for drivers time or effort?

Joshua: Correct, it is not their job to take you anywhere, and they will only offer to carpool if you are going towards a similar destination to them.

Bella: It seems like a very good idea and would be much cheaper right? There are so many people driving and going in each direction, I wonder why people don’t carpool every day?

Joshua: Yes it’s definitely worthwhile considering. I use it all the time. I just have to plan a little ahead, but it saves me so much money and time. In the end, if no one is heading my way, I will look at other options but I always try to carpool first.

Bella: It sounds terrific.

Joshua: Yes, I’m finding a bit of a breakthrough. Carpooling helps to reduce travel time, save money and when you think about it, it also helps reduce congestion and pollution. Then, of course, there is social interaction. I have met so many lovely people and made friends, it is a fantastic way to network and connect with your community.

Bella: I would love to be part of that. Anything to contribute towards the environment, as well as save time and money, it makes so much more sense. I would like to help build a bigger carpool community, so where do I start? I want to carpool now to go and meet my friend.

Joshua: Check out this website – It is the most advanced carpooling app, you really will be amazed.

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