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We have developed TangoRide to help contribute reduce organisations Scope 3 emissions for their Net Zero plan. Along with reporting CO2 savings and shared kilometres travelled, carpooling with TangoRide can help reduce parking demand, reduce staff travel costs, offer staff new transport options and reduce staff stress. Contact TangoRide to find out more.

Employer benefits for Employees to carpool with tangoride

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Evaluating an organisations baseline emission for Net Zero can often be a complex investigation and while their staff work commute might be overlooked it can equate to a large percentage of the overall emissions.

This table provides an example of how a small company works to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 5% per year. But for many companies Scope 3 is the biggest value if they can record it and more difficult to reduce.

However, just by encouraging carpooling to 10% of the workforce the company can see immediate reduction of CO2. If by year three there is a third carpooling the results are more significant than found in Scope 1 and 2.

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Instant trips, scheduled trips and routine trips, are three ways you can offer to share a ride using TangoRide.
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