TangoRide: real-time carpooling is now here!

Sustainable transport with fair prices

TangoRide Limited, a London based technology company, is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile phone app, “TangoRide”, for both iOS and Android operating systems. TangoRide will provide both drivers and passengers a smart carpooling platform in real-time on smartphones.

Vish Balyan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, TangoRide Limited, commented.

‘This is a big step towards our vision to be at the forefront of shared transport and community engagement, with an app that brings a new life to carpooling. TangoRide is about offering sustainable transport at reduced costs, serving to help reduce road congestion and pollution, while building on a sharing community.’

Vish Balyan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, TangoRide Limited

The main features of the app are:

  • Single app for both passengers and drivers where they can switch travel mode instantly
  • Real-time matching along the journey route
  • Digital and facial ID verification
  • Detour radius selection for driver’s convenience
  • Journey details automatically sent to selected trusted contact
  • In-app communication between drivers and passengers
  • In-app emergency call function
  • Fixed fare and payment disclosed to passengers and drivers respectively

How it works

After downloading the TangoRide app, users will be able to be quickly verified using the GBG IDscan platform.
We know that everyone needs to take a ride at some point in time, so everyone becomes a passenger on the app from the beginning. To become a driver as well, the user can choose to add their vehicle details and bank details to receive payments.

The app works in real-time and benefits passengers and drivers to carpool with less fuss by matching their corresponding journeys.

  • After drivers and passengers select where they want to go, the app will match the journey if a passenger falls within their radius indicated along the route. A real-time notification is sent to the driver to offer a ride to the passenger. Once the passenger accepts the journey, the driver will be guided to the passenger pick up point.  
  • Upon pick up, both the passenger and driver can verify one another, and the passenger can accept the charge to begin the journey
  • At the end of the journey, the passenger and driver can rate one another with the ability to continue communication inside the app for perhaps a return journey


TangoRide pricing structure is designed to be a fair system, so both passengers and drivers share the cost of the actual journey. The cost of the journey is primarily the sum of the vehicle running costs, not the driver’s time or their business. TangoRide only receives a small service fee per trip.

In a recent case study, a journey from Milton Keynes City to Birmingham City (70 miles) showed passengers would pay the following on a weekday at 7.30 am:
Train: £20 – £40
Taxi: £70
Uber: £91-122
TangoRide: £28
While the TangoRide driver would receive £22.60.


TangoRide will eventually be available across the UK with the initial launch to be in Birmingham, Northampton and Milton Keynes.
The apps can be download from the corresponding mobile platforms:
iPhone app: https://tinyurl.com/y3a2h2pa
Android app: https://tinyurl.com/y2vbof2g


About TangoRide.

Based in London, we’re a delightful bunch of entrepreneurs, investors, developers, strategists, designers, project managers and marketers.
Between us, we have decades of global experience across various high profile industries, producing exciting experiences for a host of brands that are as smart, as they are effective. And we had an idea…TangoRide, a real-time carpooling app.
TangoRide app aims to benefit both drivers and passengers to reduce the time and cost of travel. By safely and conveniently enabling people to share journeys, we aim to reduce traffic and transportation problems in the UK.
Working with GBG IDscan and the Stripe commerce platform, we have developed the app to meet compliance across the UK and app stores.
TangoRide’s vision is to serve the broader international market with a sustainable alternative transport solution with a shared cost/resource structure. Also, we seek to help decrease road congestion and pollution, while building a sharing community.


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