Tips to avoid Traffic Jams in the UK

Tips to avoid Traffic Jams in the UK (Demo)

Isn’t it painful being stuck for hours in traffic jams? It is indeed, right!!

As per the data published in Auto express UK, traffic jams, a major urban transport problem in theUK costs UK motorists £7.9 billion last year, with London being 6 th most congested city in the world in terms of traffic jams.

There are ways to get relieved from traffic jams even in some of the most congested cities like London. To escape from traffic jams, you can change your mode of transport or even consider using applications which can help you find the best routes for your travel. Planning ahead and getting help from various UK traffic alerts would certainly help to you escape traffic jams.

Some of the ways to help you save your precious time and relieve you from the pain of traffic jams are listed here:

1. Check weather conditions and any planned road works
Take advantage of apps and websites providing details about weather conditions and
roadworks on your planned route. You should get the latest updates on transport news from these apps and website before travelling.

2. Utilise real-time traffic apps
Various real-time navigation apps are available to provide you the current traffic information to help you navigate through congested roads. Most of these traffic apps are loaded with features which can inform you about the traffic jam on a particular route.

3. Listen to traffic news on radio
Most of the radio stations broadcast latest traffic reports. All you need is to tune in to the
related channels on the radio and get traffic alerts on all the areas around you.

4. Leave early and Go early
Most of the people face traffic jams during morning and evening peak traffic. Peak time
traffic occurs as most of the people travel to and from work. Employer and employees
should seek to find flexible work arrangements so that employees escape peak time traffic
rush and it would contribute to better work efficiency as well. Those timings

5. Use HOV High Occupancy lane) or Transit lanes
HOV or Transit lanes are express lanes of motorways to encourage vehicles which have a
minimum of 2 or 3 people including the driver travelling together. These lanes have fewer
cars and hence lesser traffic congestion.

6. Use public transport
While public transport has its own problems with delays, waiting for time and distance from the passenger’s location, It is still a great way to reduce traffic congestion. You can get the best out of public transport by checking the latest public transport news in the UK.

7. Use rideshare or carpool
You should find people who live or work near your location and also travel to a similar destination as you. It would definitely reduce traffic congestion if each vehicle has multiple occupants travelling along a similar route as it would reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Sharing your journey with other people would also help you reduce your transport costs.

8. Use bicycle for short trips
Most of the time local area traffic congestion is caused by people travelling to local markets or business premises. Using your bicycle for short & convenient distances can help you to reduce and escape traffic jams and health benefits of cycling would be added bonus.

Stay Tuned. Tangoride blog is committed to bring you the latest transport news in the UK.

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