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Why Sustainable Transport

TangoRide is about providing an alternative transport option for all people. In an ever increasing population, our roads become congested and our public transport services feel the strain. The growth and demand for these methods of transport will need to be sustained, so we can travel more efficiently, reduce the increase of vehicle emissions and decrease the demand for new infrastructure.

Carpooling offers a viable and immediate solution to sustainable transport. The advantages are many, starting with having fewer cars on the road that results in a decrease in road congestion that assists traffic flow, while also reducing vehicle emissions.
Think of how many people drive cars today with no passengers. In the UK alone it is over 10 million. This resource has barely been tapped into and is the focus of TangoRide. We want to actively change the single-car occupancy culture, by incentivising the car owners to carpool and connect them with passengers who are travelling in the same direction.
Through our model of incentivising single car occupancy owners to share a ride, along with using the very latest mobile app technology to provide passengers convenience and safety, we strongly believe TangoRide is a viable and cost-effective sustainable transport solution.

Meet our Team

Vish Balyan

Co-founder & CEO

The founder of TangoRide.  In 2000, completed Bachelor of Commerce in India at CCS University, & Intermediate Level of Company Secretaries. Earned a Graduate Diploma in Information Systems from Central Queensland University & a master’s degree in Finance from RMIT University in 2003.

Agam Jain

Co-founder & Chairman

Agam Jain is Co-Founder of TangoRide. His holding company has provided all the investment finance from inception to date.

He is Founder and CEO of Vector Capital Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange and Founder and former Director of a tech company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Ayush Kumar


Talented professional software engineer with over four years of experience in business development, operations and customer support skills joins the team with the ambition to make it the world’s best carpool app. Ayush underscores his passion for creating applications with a wealth of technical development and feature modelling skills.

Joshua Pilley

Marketing Manager

Joshua continues his position at TangoRide with a determination to see it as a global success. Joshua brings to the team a mixture of technical skillsets and experience in Marketing in the automotive industry including launching brands across Australia and North America.

From the beginning

TangoRide takes Shape

Vish Balyan
Founder of TangoRide

TangoRide’s founder, Vish Balyan, is the heart and soul of the platform with the ambition for the app to answer many challenges facing society including, sustainable transport,  pollution,  car ownership costs and wellbeing in community.

Vish started life in India, completing a Bachelor of Commerce before moving to Australia at the age of 20 to further his education, earning a Graduate Diploma in Information and a Master’s degree in Finance. With a keen interest in world affairs, history, geography, environment, technology and financial markets, he continued to look to the horizon for a career path that would give him a purpose of making a difference.

During his studies, he worked as taxi driver in Melbourne which he soon began to appreciate and credit as his best learning experience from meeting people from every part of society. These interactions taught him an immeasurable amount of humility and endearing values that have shaped his views in the strength of community, environmental stewardship, and the need for sustainability in the use of resources.

Vish soon entered the finance space, spending most of his time serving the automotive industry. All the while, he had become increasingly observant of the needs of families and individuals. Empathising with their concerns of cost living, he started to recognise an emerging problem where families were having to buy a car or second car because there were inadequate transport hubs and transport options in their area.

Reflecting on this, he had for some time followed emerging companies like Uber, Ola, Bla Bla car and several other companies in the transportation industry, because he was impressed by how much more they had made life more convenient for customers.

However, he also realised over time the convenience started to become more expensive as the business started to grow and sign-up perks started to dry up with people getting addicted to these services and equity infusions slowly going away. 

He found their business model wasn’t sustainable monetarily and environmentally. The emerging rideshare platforms were neglecting the biggest resource – single driver occupant vehicles. 

The other issue was, the likes of Uber and Lyft also had increased traffic in cities like LA, London and NY due to their drivers driving around waiting for passengers or driving vacant to pick up a passenger. This was adding to the net problem of rising emissions.

Looking at the problem with another set of problems to overcome, Vish headed to the drawing board to draft up a solution that could meet the transport needs of commuters, while keeping costs low, while not increasing the amount of traffic. 

The idea started to take shape and along with it, a technology that would provide a sound platform to make it all work seamlessly.

Vish had determined the new carpooling app would address the old problems of carpooling and the new problems found with the latest ‘convenient’ transport. What’s more, it was going to be for non-commercial use and be a new solution to sustainable transport, focusing on connecting short to medium to long distance travel for commuters. The technology employed would provide real-time matching with great security features.

Assembling a team together, Vish began the initial development of the App in 2017 with a UK investor who quickly became his ally and great support base to continue the journey of building the TangoRide app.

In late 2019, TangoRide launched a pilot program in the UK as a final development test of the app before postponing further public use when the Covid pandemic was announced.

Gathering an international team during 2020/2021, TangoRide resumed development so it would be ready for launch in Scotland and the UK for 2022. 

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