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Why TangoRide

TangoRide is creating a new alternative transportation option for all commuters and all people. As City population increases, our roads become more congested and our public transport services feel the strain. The growth in intra-city travel needs cheaper and more sustainable solutions so we can save money, reduce vehicle emissions, and decrease the burden on City infrastructure.

Real-time carpooling offers a viable and immediate solution to sustainable transport. There are many advantages including: reducing commuting costs, less congestions, faster commutes, less accidents, less pollution and increased community spirit and mental health.

Carpooling offers a viable and immediate solution to sustainable transport. The advantages are many, starting with having fewer cars on the road that results in a decrease in road congestion that assists traffic flow, while also reducing vehicle emissions.

More than 72% of commuters drive to work solo each day. During 2021 in Canada alone, there were more than 7.8 million solo drivers. In the USA, that number is more than 90 million solo drivers each day.

We want to actively change the single car occupancy culture by educating drivers of the huge cost of solo driving and by incentivising all commuters to save ‘real’ money where possible.

Using our proprietary mobile app technology and algorithms, we can instantly match drivers and passengers and handle the cost recovery transaction thereby providing a convenient, safe and enjoyable carpool ride. “Let’s Tango!”

*Source: Statistics Canada
** U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2019

Meet Our Growing Team

Malcolm Adams

CEO & Director

Founder, entrepreneur and former senior executive/director of eleven energy companies with more than 28 years of experience in the Canadian industry. Malcolm brings a unique blend of team building, leadership, corporate strategy, business development, technical and financial evaluation skills to every opportunity. Proud husband and father of three teenagers in Calgary Alberta, Malcolm is focused on creating enriching community transport experiences for daily commuters, so they can materially reduce their commuting costs and reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Malcolm graduated from the University of New Brunswick (BSc. Chem Eng,, ‘94) and is a professional engineer with APEGA. He also holds his Corporate Director – ICD.D designation and spent more than 10 years of his career in Private Equity.

Vish Balyan

CTO & Director

Co-founder of TangoRide in 2017, Vish has a passion for technology, finance and sustainable transportation. Proud husband and father of two little girls in Melbourne Australia, Vish is focused on managing TangoRide’s product development team in India.

Vish completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree in India at CCS University, & Intermediate Level of Company Secretaries. He also earned a Graduate Diploma in Information Systems from Central Queensland University & his Master’s Degree in Finance from RMIT University in 2003.

Gail Baxter


New to the TangoRide team, Gail is a communication and marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience working in some of the world’s most innovative organizations. Gail has a passion for creating communication and marketing programs that create meaningful connections, while providing lasting education and value to organizations and the communities they serve. She holds a Public Relations Management, General Management, and Adult Learning – Workplace Learning certificates from the University of Calgary, and a Change Management Certificate from Mount Royal University.

Joshua Pilley


Also in Melbourne Australia, Joshua has a passion for sustainable transport and has worked closely with Vish to develop all elements of TangoRide’s brand and marketing strategy. Joshua brings to the team a mixture of technical skills and experience in Marketing with particular focus on the automotive industry where he has helped launch brands across Australia and in North America.

A different way…

Tango Ride Takes Shape

In two different cities, on two different continents, Vish Balyan and Malcolm Adams both had the same thought: “Solo commuting is crazy. Given today’s communications technology, we need a new way to convince neighbors to share the cost of commutes.”

For Vish in 2017, the thought first hit him in a Melbourne car dealership where he was finance manager and empathizing with customers over the rising cost of living. He was recognizing an emerging problem where families were having to buy a car or a second car because transit routes were either inconvenient or not yet established from their homes to work. Vish wondered if a sophisticated carpooling application could be the answer. With the encouragement and financial support of Agam Jain, a London based angel investor, Vish began the initial development of the TangoRide carpooling app in 2017 with a technical team familiar to him in India.

For Malcolm in November 2019, the thought first struck him when he was impatiently stuck in traffic and had the chance to observe the number of single drivers on the road, including himself! His well nurtured hate-for-waste and his passion for solving complex problems, triggered his curiosity about how much money, time and fossil fuel was being wasted everyday in Calgary….and the rest of the world! Like Vish, Malcolm also recognized that most solo drivers never calculate how much they spend per year on commuting because why know the number to a ‘necessary evil’. In addition, he saw the potential of suburban neighbors carpooling together and establishing new friendships, improving mental health and building stronger communities. “What if there was an app that connects neighbors in real-time, performs the cost recovery automatically between passenger and driver, literally takes vehicles off the road and reduces CO2 and tire pollution?” Now that could be special.

Assuming this was not an original idea, Malcolm searched the internet and the App store looking for existing carpool technology solutions. He only found one that shared the same platform vision: TangoRide UK. So Malcolm reached out to Vish on LinkedIn to learn more about his company and their business relationship and friendship has continued to evolve since then. TangoRide Inc. was incorporated on November 4th, 2022 with Malcolm taking on leadership of the company as CEO. Vish now gets to focus on further product development of the app as we get set for beta testing of our app in the Calgary Metro Area. It only take two to Tango, but we will be looking to add many more talented people to our team as our journey continues.

Join us on our mission to enrich communities, reduce household expenses and minimize vehicle GHG emissions by helping cities increase their mobility density through real-time choreographed commuting

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