Your safety is TangoRide’s top priority, and we’ve taken steps to ensure you and your personal information are kept safe and secure. 

TangoRide Community Members are Verified

The TangoRide app is available to anyone 18 years old or older.  Every member of the TangoRide community is verified through phone number, email and credit card or bank account information.

As an additional step, every driver that is registered with TangoRide is verified through their Provincial/State Driver’s License or Government issued photo identification.

Keep Your Trusted Contacts Up to Date on Your Trips

With TangoRide, you can keep those closest to you informed of your travels. Enter a trusted contact, and they will receive a message each time you take a trip.

Payment Information is Secure

TangoRide has partnered with Stripe for payment processing. Stripe is audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 compliance. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry and they are fully PIPEDA compliant.  By design, your credit card and/or bank account information is only submitted to Stripe and does not exist on any of the TangoRide servers.

As a driver, you’ll need to provide your bank account details within the driver profile before you can offer rides. Each journey payment will be credited to your bank account within 7 days of completing a journey and after deducting the TangoRide service fee.  Stripe currently processes payments every 7 days to keep  fees lower for you.

As a passenger, you will need to provide your credit card details within your passenger profile upon sign-up.  Only the data required to complete your transaction will be shared. Nothing else.  Once again, no credit card information is stored on TangoRide servers, just Stripe.

Cashless Payment System Protects You

All payments for TangoRide trips are paid through the app at the beginning of a shared commute to ensure there is no risk that a driver is not reimbursed properly and so both driver and passenger know the total cost of the ride before agreeing to it.  TangoRide community members should never pay cash to share a ride with a TangoRide driver and tipping is never allowed since this is purely cost recovery for the driver.  Also, TangoRide automatically calculates the reimbursement cost for each trip, so driver and passenger avoid the uncomfortable feeling of having to negotiate the ride cost.


Your regular car insurance policy should cover you for carpooling since Canadian law allows one round-trip carpool trip per day without being considered a Commercial Driver. As carpooling falls under provincial legislation you’ll need to conform to your provinces laws (list located at end of page). TangoRide is a real-time carpooling app that matches drivers and passengers and performs the tax-free cost recovery transaction between passenger and driver. Canadian carpooling law allows drivers to recover some of the costs of operating their vehicle by sharing their trip with passengers, as long as they are not turning a profit.  TangoRide’s cost recovery per trip pricing formulas make sure that it is always below the taxable cost recovery thresholds.  Personal vehicles used for the purposes of carpooling by the drivers are also not required to register as commercial vehicles.

We suggest that all drivers check with their insurance company to ensure that no extra coverage is needed.  We also suggest that for any rush hours drivers that switch to full-time TangoRide passengers that they check with their insurance company to see if they can get their insurance rate lowered going forward.

Driver and Passenger Communication

To ensure your email and cell number are kept private, drivers and passengers should use the in-app calling or messaging to communicate with each other, if necessary.

Choose who you travel with

You are in control, both passengers and drivers always have the option to accept/decline a trip match prior to making the payment and the trip starting. During a trip, if you feel unsafe, both driver and passenger can cancel the TangoRide and immediately terminate the trip, as long as there is a safe location to drop off the passenger.

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