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TangoRide For Everyone

We’ve made TangoRide for everyone, so you can carpool as a passenger or as the driver. Better still, you can change at any time to be a passenger or a driver. So you may drive through the working week and carpool passengers, and on the weekends you can request a ride as a passenger.


Whether you want to be a driver, passenger or both, you’ll find the TangoRide is a feature rich single app.

Booking methods

Instant trips, scheduled trips and routine trips, are three ways you can organise a ride using TangoRide.

User Modes

Switching between Passenger or Driver mode is as simple as flicking a switch in Tangoride.


Passenger and Driver in-app functions have been developed on a robust secure platform…


When you select your journey with TangoRide, the app will redirect you back to your favourite google

Realtime Search

TangoRide matches a driver and passenger in real-time so you can quickly share a ride.

Payment Methods

Passengers can pay via credit card, while drivers are reimbursed directly to their bank account.

Unique Booking

TangoRide leads the competition with 3 unique booking systems – Instant, Schedule and Routine.

What’s more, any TangoRide user can have a Scheduled or Routine Trip in both Driver and Passenger mode at the same time for different periods


Use Ride Now when you want to leave immediately. Tangoride will begin to search and match a Driver/Passenger Trip.

For instant trips requested by a Passenger or offered by a Driver.


Schedule a trip for later and you will be notified when the trip is matched to a Driver's Offer or Passenger Request.

For planned one-off short to long trips.


Save your routine trips for the week and TangoRide will notify you of potential matches in advance.

For regular trips:
Commuting to work.

Commuting to class, gym or shops.

Safety For Everyone

Payment Method

When a trip is matched between the driver and passenger, the passenger will have the opportunity to review the total fare before the trip is accepted. The trip fare is locked and cannot be altered, and is paid just prior to the passenger jumping into the car to begin the trip.
When a passenger is registered to use TangoRide, they will have the opportunity to save their credit card details. Registered drivers will also have the opportunity to save their banking details.
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